In-clinic sessions

Face to face invidiual and group therapy sessions are possible in Zurich Switzerland

remote sessions

Online therapy is provided using a secure video and audio platform

Free trial session

If you are considering therapy but have hesitations or questions we would be happy to introduce our services and discuss the possible treatment options in a brief 30-minute introductory session.

Services Provided

Individual Therapy

We offer talking therapy for a range of difficulties. At the introductory assessment we will discuss your current difficulties and outline an individualised course for treatment

Group Therapy

We offer group therapy for small groups of individuals who may benefit from similar interventions and strategies, including tailored workshops such as Adjustment to Expat Life, Living with Grief and Bereavement, Yoga for Trauma, 8-week mindfulness course

Treatment Specialties

Anxiety Disorders

Stress and anxiety can be extremely debilitating. We offer evidence based Cognitive Behavioural therapy based interventions including treatment for panic attacks, OCD and chronic stress​

Depression and low mood

We offer clinical services based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as other recognised treatments such as Acceptance and Commitment therapy and mindfulness​


Services in Trauma therapy include an in-depth assessment followed by cognitive therapy or narrative exposure therapy for trauma

Grief and loss

Although grief and loss are natural and normal parts of life, sometimes symptoms can be extremely distressing and life impairing. We offer evidence based treatments on complicated grief or prolonged grief disorder. Individual and group therapy options available

Adjustment to Expat life

Life in a foreign country comes with many challenges including adjusting to a different language, new customs and possible isolation. We offer individual and group therapy options to help develop coping strategies for these and related challenges

common questions

Adjustment to life as an expat can come with many challenges including the stress of a completely new environment and feelings of disconnection, low mood and uncertainty about the future. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is recognized worldwide as one of the most effective therapy for the treatment of psychological disorders including anxiety and depression. This evidence-based treatment is a form of talking therapy that helps the individual to develop targeted and practical strategies to help better cope with current and on-going difficulties. The treatment is time-limited (usually about 20-25 sessions) with the aim of providing the individual with the skills and support to move forward successfully and independently.  The sessions are tailored to each individual and are conducted with an emphasis on collaboration and compassion.


We also offer other types of evidence-based therapies that may supplement CBT including Acceptance and Commitment therapy and mindfulness


Before beginning treatment sessions (50 minutes each) individual will attend an assessment session of approximately 1h30min

Private payment only

Switzerland: Currently these services are NOT covered by basic insurance however your supplementary insurance may cover some or all of the costs. Please check with your insurance provider.

International: Please check with your health insurance provider. 

Research suggests that, in the initial phase of therapy, attendance once per week leads to the greatest improvements. Later in therapy once every two weeks is possible.

Yes. Confidentially is treated with the utmost importance. The only time confidentiality might be broken is if there is a concern about your safety or the safety of others. But this is always discussed with your first.

The services uses a secure online platform and we have clear guidelines on the use of email.

The cost of therapy is determined by the Swiss FSP organisation.

We would like to offer your a free trial session where you can meet the therapist and ask questions

We have therapy rooms in central Zurich, otherwise online video services. Details will be provided in the first appointment email