Crisis Response: if you need help urgently

Contact in a mental health crisis

Unfortunately we only work limited hours and cannot respond in an emergency, therefore we cannot support individuals who currently experiencing a mental health crisis.

SWITZERLAND: If you are currently experiencing severe distress please contact the below crisis service, they will be able to offer you support 24 hours a day: Zurich, Krisen-Interventions-Zentrum , Militärstrasse, Zürich

Telefon: +41 (0)44 296 73 10

How does therapy work?

Adjustment to life as an expat can come with many challenges including the stress of a completely new environment and feelings of disconnection, low mood and uncertainty about the future. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is recognized worldwide as one of the most effective therapies for the treatment of psychological disorders including anxiety and depression. This evidence-based treatment is a form of talking therapy that helps the individual to develop targeted and practical strategies to better cope with current and on-going difficulties. The treatment is time-limited (usually about 20-25 sessions) with the aim of providing the individual with the skills and support to move forward successfully and independently.  The sessions are tailored to each individual and are conducted with an emphasis on collaboration and compassion.

How often would I come to therapy?

Research suggests that, in the initial phase of therapy, attendance once per week leads to the greatest improvements. Later in therapy once every two weeks is possible.

Is what we discuss in sessions confidential?

Yes. Confidentially is treated with the utmost importance. The only time confidentiality might be broken is if there is a concern about your safety or the safety of others. But this is always discussed with you first.

We use a secure online platform and we have clear guidelines on the use of email.

How long are sessions?

50 minutes for standard cognitive behavioural therapy session

1h30 minutes for the first assessment session

20 minutes for the first free consultation

How much does a session cost?

Private payment only

Switzerland: Currently these services are NOT covered by basic insurance however your supplementary insurance may cover some or all of the costs. Please check with your insurance provider. We are listed on the Santé Suisse list for supplementary insurance.

Initial clinical assessment session of 1h30min: 250 CHF (recommended but not required)

Standard sessions of 50 min: 170 CHF

Outside of Switzerland you may check with your insurance company if they will accept our service.

What happens in the free 20 min session?

This is a chance to meet with a psychotherapist and hear about the type of work you will do and what we think might help you. It is also an opportunity to see if you have a good rapport with the therapist and to decide if this type of therapy fits your needs and expectations. We will answer any questions you have and decide on the next steps together.

Data Protection and Privacy

Data Protection and Privacy information

International counselling GmbH complies with the policies and procedures outlined by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Below we describe how we use and store your personal information.

What type of information is collected?

We process personal information solely for the purpose of providing psychotherapy and counselling. When you send an email enquiry or phone call we will collect your contact information (name, telephone number, email address), your availability and any other information that might be helpful for a first assessment. During therapy I will keep brief notes however these will be anonymized.  When the therapy sessions are finished and you are discharged your data and notes will be securely stored for 10 years in adherence with Swiss data protection laws. After 10 years your data will be destroyed.

How is the information stored?

Your personal identifying information (i.e. contact information, name, date of birth) will be securely stored online and password protected. Your therapy notes will be anonymized and securely stored separately from your personal identifying information. Any paper notes are securely stored under lock and key.

How is the information used?

Your personal information is used for the sole purposes of providing psychotherapy and counselling. Your personal data will not be shared with any other 3rdparty organizations without your knowledge and permission, unless there is a legal obligation to do so (risk to life).