Here are the latest and in press articles by Dr Killikelly’s research group from the University of Zurich

Killikelly, Zhou, Merzhvynska, Stelzer, Dotschung, Rohner, Sun, Maercker (2020) Development of the International Prolonged Grief Disorder Scale for the ICD-11: measurement of core symptoms and culture items adapted for Chinese and German-speaking samples, Journal of Affective Disorders(accepted August 2020)

Stelzer, E. M., Zhou, N., Merzhvynska, M., Rohner, S., Sun, H., Wagner, B., … Killikelly, C.(2020). Clinical Utility and Global Applicability of Prolonged Grief Disorder in the ICD-11 from the Perspective of Chinese and German-Speaking Health Care Professionals. Psychopathology, 1–15.

Stelzer, E.-M., Zhou, N., Maercker, A., O’Connor, M.-F., & Killikelly, C.(2020). Prolonged Grief Disorder and the Cultural Crisis. Frontiers in Psychology10, 2982.

Zhou, N., Wen, J., Stelzer, E.-M., Killikelly, C., Yu, W., Xu, X., … Maercker, A. (2020). Prevalence and associated factors of prolonged grief disorder in Chinese parents bereaved by losing their only child. Psychiatry Research,284, 112766.

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